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Is this really IMB integrity and polity? I think not. I think that it is more proof of men being lead around with hooks in their noses masquerading as independent thinkers.

The IMB, Integrity, and Polity
The wise heart will know the proper time and proceedure.For there is a proper time and proceedure for every matter, though a man's misery weighs heavily upon him.Ecclesiastes 8:5b,6By the grace of our Sovereign Lord the Southern Baptist Convention is effective. We are the largest Biblically faithful, soul-winning, church-planting organization in the history of the world. We are organized into state and regional conventions; and once a year, a national convention. All conventions have an executive board and/or executive committee. We maintain colleges, universities and seminaries. All of these institutions have a board of trustees. We maintain two mission entities, the North American Mission Board and the International Mission Board. Both have trustees. We appoint fellow Southern Baptists to these committees and boards to faithfully weigh issues and make decisions.Every single one of these entities follow a patient, considerate and cooperative decision making process. The International Mission Board Trustees are no exception.The IMB Trustees meet six times a year. The issues they weigh and the decisions they make can affect every nation on earth. The variety and scale of the issues they face are as great as any regional or state convention. They must answer to Jesus Christ for their faithfulness and they take this responsibility seriously. Answering to the Southern Baptist Convention is also taken seriously.The Board of Trustees prayerfully and thoroughly consider opportunities and difficulties. They gather information from our missionaries in the field, stateside staff, one another, and Southern Baptists who are stateside. They consider ideas from many points of view. When a decision must be made immediately, they trust God and do the best they can. When a decision does not involve an emergency, they allow many months (and sometimes years) to pass while they continue to gather information, reason with one another, and seek consensus. This is the nature of a patient, considerate, and cooperative decision-making process.The patient, considerate, and cooperative decision-making process is proven effective regarding our mission boards, educational institutions, and various conventions. Where can a better method be found? What might it be?The IMB Trustees are fully commited to being considerate. However, the Board cannot respond to accelerating rumors between meetings because they simply are not in session. The Trustees are patient, considerate, and cooperative. This is the decision-making process for every executive board, executive committee, and board of trustees, throughout the entire Southern Baptist Convention. I believe this is wisdom and that such a process is both loving and reasonable.The IMB Trustees are continually considering the "issues of the rumors" as well as fifty times as many issues that are not, yet, public gossip. They know they are not perfect. The Trustees will make their decisions as fast as faithful Christians can work together. The Trustees will then walk right into the light and make their work known in the prescribed venue at the prescribed time. Integrity demands it.The patient, considerate, and cooperative method of decision-making is written into our responsibilities. In the week following a board meeting, anyone could demand answers that cannot be given because the issues are still under consideration. This is not evidence of a lack of integrity. Is it reasonable to pour two gallons of water into a one gallon bowl, and then accuse the bowl of not holding water?Is this beneficial? Is this constructive? Whose good is being sought with such demands (1 Corinthians 10:23-24)?As Christians, we have a Great Commandment. An intentional focus on God's greatest priority will bring His greatest blessings. Patience remains a virtue.Love is patient,1 Corinthians 13:4aA patient man calms a quarrel.Proverbs 15:18b
posted by Jerry Corbaley


As I read your first attempt at blogging it is easy to see that it is also your first attempt at being a Baptist statesman. Your understanding of the working of the SBC institutions is twenty miles wide and a quarter of an inch deep. You are lacking to say the most. Also, your "proof text" method of using Scripture betrays the fact that you lack expository capabilities. How evident it is that you and others were lead with a hook in your nose to do the bidding of SBC power brokers who really just want to be rid of Jerry Rankin. Shame on you.

Jerry's response:

Some general thoughts on a rookie's second day of blogging.It has been said that my post is 20 miles wide and a quarter of an inch deep. This is true. One has to start somewhere.This blog will post no comments until I review the comment. I conclude I am responsible for the contents of my blog as well as the comments that are posted. I want to remind everyone that my posts and comments are only one man's opinion. If you find the information helpful or thought provoking, then great.Your comments and emails cause a significant amount of personal reflection and additional thinking on my part. Ouch. Thanks.Don't expect perfection from me, you will be soon disappointed. I don't expect it from anyone else either.A missionary commented regarding my assertion that the Trustees listen to input from the field. I am listening. The issue raised is valid. I conclude that the venue in which the issue is raised is not. Please contact me personally.


Obviously you are not going to post the entire comment "twenty miles wide and a quarter inch deep" so let me see if you will post this.

I would never expect you to be perfect nor do I believe that of myself. Such statements as "don't expect me to be perfect" always smack with false humility anyway. The bottom line is you made the motion to dismiss Wade. You can say that you were not part of a caucus if you want. You can call it a meeting over coffee and donuts if you please but we both know that there were meetings prior to the plenary session and executive session of the IMB when the motion regarding Wade was made. Having been in many such meetings as a SBC trustee I know what happened. I along with many others also know who called that shot. You guys need to just confess the truth and ask the convention to forgive you and get on about the work of the IMB. We will forgive you if you just tell the truth and come clean and that my friend is the Biblical way.


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