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Loosely based on Daniel 1-6

Daniel was of royal Hebrew blood. Wade is of royal Baptist blood (if there is such a thing).

Daniel was a fine, strapping, smart, young, fellow. Wade is too.

Daniel was taken into the land of Shinar (Babyoln) to be used (Brainwashed) to keep other Hebrew captives in line. Wade was elected to the IMB trustees to help govern the administration and missionaries in their mission directives from the SBC. An effort (Brainwashing) to get him to follow a certain PARTY LINE was made.

Daniel would not be Brainwashed. Wade would not be Brainwashed.

Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself. Wade did too.

Daniel's life-style drew upon him the love and respect of others. This was caused by God's own Hand. Wade's life-style has had the same result.

Daniel was persistent in his pursuit to be holy. Wade is persistent in the same way.

Daniel's persistence to be holy got him thrown into BABYLON'S lion den. Wade's persistence to be holy got him thrown into the TRUSTEE'S executive session den.

God delivered Daniel from the lion's den. God will deliver Wade from the trustee's den (if Wade continues to follow the example of Daniel and I believe he will).

Why will Wade prevail in Shinar?

It is because God blesses those who seek to be holy and have pure hearts as a life-style. God blesses those that live by faith in Jesus.

God raised Daniel up. God will raise Wade up.

It is my prayer that Wade will always remember the Rock from which he was hewn. May he always walk by faith and seek to be holy. Many before him have failed to do so after God raised them up. May Wade take the example of Daniel and remain faithful and holy before the Lord. The SBC needs men that finish well in their latter years.

May the words of Daniel 12: 13 give Wade confidence in his well doing. May all who love him continue to pray for him and his wife and children as they go through this hard time.

Villa Rica


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Rica,

How shallow are you? Are you such a simpleton? Are you now trying to deify Wade Burleson?

12:55 PM  
Blogger Jeff Richard Young said...

Dear Anonymous,

You just through out "shallow," "simpleton," and "deify" without any support for what you said. We generally do a little better than that around here, whichever side of any issue we might be on. How about another try?

Love in Christ,


1:06 PM  
Blogger Villa Rica said...

Brother Anony or Sister Anonie,

(Just "funnin" with you--Hope your OK with it.)

Thank you for reading my post and thank you for an opportunity to see if I am learning anything about myself and how to behave properly.

I will try to answer your questions one at a time.

1 It is true I am sometimes shallow. As a matter of fact I am trying to learn not to swim out so far into deep water that I drown from lack of strength to get back to shore. It is just not good to get in over one's head.(That is no veiled threat or insult to you. I am talking just about me now)

I do not consider support for Brother Wade as a shallow thing, nor requesting prayer for him and his family as such either.

2 I understand what you mean by simpleton and maybe I am that, also. I have come to realize that I am not as intelligent as I once thought I was when I was much younger.

I am striving to live a much more simple life than before. I now just want to be a righteous man. I have not yet arrived, but I am leaving many things behind and pressing on toward the goal before me.

3 I am not trying to deify Brother Wade. I would not even try to deify the prophet Daniel. You did not ask me about him though, so I will leave him out of it.

I was SIMPLY using a method employed by many knowledgeable preachers to communicate a text in an applicable way. (Of course I do not have to explain such things to you, for it is me that is the simpleton here.) I do not have to go far out in the SHALLOWS to SIMPLY understand that Brother Wade is the issue here. Am I right?

Therefore, let me say that Wade Burleson is not Deity. I do not know anyone that is trying to deify him. If they did I am sure he would rip his clothes and refuse their gesture(that doesn't make him Peter or Paul either).

I do believe he does thirst after righteousness. I know that he took the right stand. I know he has suffered for that stand and so has his whole family and church. I know the Scripture teaches me to pray for such a man as Brother Wade.

The Scripture teaches me to pray for you and you for me. Let us both pray a prayer of thanksgiving that you did not call me a simpleton 35 years ago. God is truly good.

I thank you for your response and I hold nothing against you. May God bless you, your family, and whatever ministry within which you are involved.

One word of caution: Be careful in deep water because there are sharks there that you are not even aware of until they strike. I have the scares to prove it.

Villa Rica

7:27 PM  

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