Thursday, March 30, 2006

An Open Letter to Brother Joe: "Hey Man and other other old Dudes"

Brother Joe,

Good to hear from an old guy. We need a lot of old guys. Let me introduce myself to you briefly. I believe that I can call myself missional. I was missional right out of the west coast Jesus Movement. In other words I was missional before missional was cool.

With that brief introduction let me say that the traditional church, especially Baptist and especially Southern Baptist looked at us as weird. We all had long hair. We didn't shave. We were skinny. We played box guitars. And many of us were baptized in the Pacific ocean and some even in the Atlantic. We shared the gospel on the beaches, in coffee houses and even on the street to dopers, bikers, prostitutes and many other social misfits.

Yes many folks in the SBC were scared of us boys because we said "hey man." We said "man" a lot. Later somebody changed it to "dude." I even know some people who got saved after watching Jesus Christ Superstar.

As time went on and life happened we got married, had some kids and some of us went to seminaries and got really big degrees. We got hair cuts, bought suits, got Bibles like Charles Stanley's, learned languages other than our former "Jesus People language." We got out of school and began to pastor churches. Some of us became strong Southern Baptist. Some of us even became independent Baptist. Some of us even joined the Assemblies of God (some say that this was obviously due to the fact that we failed Baptist doctrine classes in seminary and had private prayer languages).

Now we are the establishment. We are so established that we have trained ourselves not to say "hey man" or "dude" and heaven forbid if we were to ever sing kumbyah around a campfire again. Some of us even came back from the Assemblies of God so we could get bigger churches and better benefits through the SBC.

We have become so established that some of us have forgotten how to just love Jesus, be repentant in our lifestyles, love our Brothers and Sisters and share the gospel with lost people regardless of their status in life.

I have determined that it is time for me to get right with Jesus.

I was a "cold fish" for too long. I challenge you to do the same.

Like "hey man" you and I, we need to be righteous "dudes" before the Lord once again.

I think that these young people today have what the SBC needs. They have fire in their hearts, a zeal for righteousness, they love Jesus, they are winning lost people and they are so missional that they are "kickin in the gates of Hell." Their zeal for righteousness is of such that they will go before the Lord and seek Him to restore the SBC. I am just an old cat that is going to go with them (or should I say and old dog and I don't mean a lap dog).

I believe that they are going to do it right. I don't think that they are out for revenge or control. I believe that they are seeking a true change from the hands of God. We need God's blessing so we had better all become repentant and some people need to deal with their personal sins.

Brother Joe, I am praying for you, your family, and your church ministry. Don't be discouraged. God will give us victory if we do things His way. Come help us in Greensboro.

Villa Rica


Blogger Jeff Richard Young said...

Dear Old Dudes,

It has been very edifying to read your exchange. I dread getting involved in the political fight that will be necessary to dislodge the powers-that-be from the IMB BOT, but I dread it less knowing there will be some experienced dudes in it with me.

Love in Christ,


12:32 AM  
Blogger Kevin Bussey said...


That is an awesome post! You are a "righteous dude!"

7:01 AM  
Blogger steve w said...

Thanks Villa Rica. I'm out here by the Pacific now, and have done a few ocean baptisms.

Brother Joe,
Please read my response to your comment under YPSBC.

You guys really are a great encouragement to us! I look forward to meeting both of you in Greensboro, Lord willing.

7:57 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

this is so cool I love the fact that we can stand together even if we do not agree on every thing. This gives me hope to say the least. I can't wait to go to Greensboro.

In Him
Kevin L.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Pastor Joe said...

Brother Villa Rica:

Absolutely, I agree with you, these young guys are the best thing the SBC has going for it. I am, always have been, and always will be an inerrantist. However, Satan is an inerrantist. I am convinced that the great need is holiness and repentance among the pastors and leaders. My comment that I had never heard the word missional was not a put down, rather a confession. As best I understand it, those missional dudes (see I am learning) are the best thing we have. This old guy is going to be in Greensboro to help - I still know a little about the SBC

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Christine Henrich said...


The other day I was reading this, praying, remember back when...
I was baptised in the first beach baptism in 1970. Perhaps you were there. You would have seen a young Lutheran girl trying to follow God inspite of her families position.

As i was praying March 30 this came to me:

I will stand in your kingdom

I will walk in your ways

I will live my life with you (through you)

All of my days

Your house O Lord

Your rule in my place

We see through to you

Face to face

Your hand is upon us

Your will to make known

Your life to be lived out

No life but thine (yours) alone

Your words expression

To set our hearts free

Your life living

Through me

Your kingdom O Lord

A place of true value

One desired by many

but found by few

[Repentance is the path of the cross]

I will be here in your kingdom

I will be here in your land

And here I will stand

Thought I would share it.


7:41 AM  
Blogger Jenni said...

Villa Rica,
Many of you guys make mention of a plan for Greensboro. Is there a plan to organize prior? With the powerbrokers holding the mike, will you guys even be allowed to speak? What's the plan?
I a little concerned because you seem to be the most knowledgeable and eloquent of them, but you're also anonymous.

4:57 PM  
Blogger Jenni said...

I forgot to say, AWESOME POST, DUDE!!

4:58 PM  
Blogger Villa Rica said...

Sister Jenni,

At this time it is best for me to be Villa. Many of the power structure probably know who I am by now. They cannot say so for it would be a very convincing argument of their guilt in many things.

There is a plan. Those that will be speaking cannot be silenced. When they speak you will know them by name and from what you have learned from them in blog land. I believe the Lord has raised them up for this time.

I know all of the old power structure. They all came into their positions through political moves. I know that none of them are any better versed in the ways of the SBC than Ben, Marty, and Art. Ben, Marty, and Art did not rise up out of political games. I believe God brought them up to hold up the arms of the NOBEL LION--BROTHER WADE.

Remember the story of Amalek in Exodus 17? Art and Marty will hold up the arms of Wade while Ben Cole is on the floor doing battle. Trust me on this: The power structure fears Ben Cole more than a COBRA fears a MONGOOSE or a MAILMAN fears a PITBULL. The problem is that Ben is rightous, truthful, fearless, and just plain brilliant. When the power structure sees Ben and others that will be around to help him Greensboro could be a start toward true change.

For this reason we need many, many folks that thirst for change to be in Greensboro

Villa Rica

6:21 PM  

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