Thursday, March 30, 2006

An Open Letter to Brother Joe: "Hey Man and other other old Dudes"

Brother Joe,

Good to hear from an old guy. We need a lot of old guys. Let me introduce myself to you briefly. I believe that I can call myself missional. I was missional right out of the west coast Jesus Movement. In other words I was missional before missional was cool.

With that brief introduction let me say that the traditional church, especially Baptist and especially Southern Baptist looked at us as weird. We all had long hair. We didn't shave. We were skinny. We played box guitars. And many of us were baptized in the Pacific ocean and some even in the Atlantic. We shared the gospel on the beaches, in coffee houses and even on the street to dopers, bikers, prostitutes and many other social misfits.

Yes many folks in the SBC were scared of us boys because we said "hey man." We said "man" a lot. Later somebody changed it to "dude." I even know some people who got saved after watching Jesus Christ Superstar.

As time went on and life happened we got married, had some kids and some of us went to seminaries and got really big degrees. We got hair cuts, bought suits, got Bibles like Charles Stanley's, learned languages other than our former "Jesus People language." We got out of school and began to pastor churches. Some of us became strong Southern Baptist. Some of us even became independent Baptist. Some of us even joined the Assemblies of God (some say that this was obviously due to the fact that we failed Baptist doctrine classes in seminary and had private prayer languages).

Now we are the establishment. We are so established that we have trained ourselves not to say "hey man" or "dude" and heaven forbid if we were to ever sing kumbyah around a campfire again. Some of us even came back from the Assemblies of God so we could get bigger churches and better benefits through the SBC.

We have become so established that some of us have forgotten how to just love Jesus, be repentant in our lifestyles, love our Brothers and Sisters and share the gospel with lost people regardless of their status in life.

I have determined that it is time for me to get right with Jesus.

I was a "cold fish" for too long. I challenge you to do the same.

Like "hey man" you and I, we need to be righteous "dudes" before the Lord once again.

I think that these young people today have what the SBC needs. They have fire in their hearts, a zeal for righteousness, they love Jesus, they are winning lost people and they are so missional that they are "kickin in the gates of Hell." Their zeal for righteousness is of such that they will go before the Lord and seek Him to restore the SBC. I am just an old cat that is going to go with them (or should I say and old dog and I don't mean a lap dog).

I believe that they are going to do it right. I don't think that they are out for revenge or control. I believe that they are seeking a true change from the hands of God. We need God's blessing so we had better all become repentant and some people need to deal with their personal sins.

Brother Joe, I am praying for you, your family, and your church ministry. Don't be discouraged. God will give us victory if we do things His way. Come help us in Greensboro.

Villa Rica

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Brother Kevin L

I have responded to your questions on my blog. I truly hope you understand my motives if you choose to read it. God bless.

Villa Rica

Echoes of Lee

R. G. Lee, former pastor of a famous church in Memphis, Tennessee preached a sermon taken from events recorded in I Kings. The Sermon was entitled: Pay Day Some Day.

Roughly the sermon related the story of Ahab and Jezebel, king and queen of the Northern Kingdom (Israel) and their taking of a vineyard from a man named Naboth.

Ahab wanted Naboth's vineyard so he could plant himself a vegetable garden. The vineyard was not too far from the palace. The problem was old Naboth would not sell out his inheritance from his father for the land was of the Lord and his family had been granted the stewardship and watchcare of it.

This hurt Ahab's feelings and he went home and "took on" something fierce and "wallered" around on his bed. He did not even eat his supper.

Jezebel came in and wanted to know what in the world was wrong with him. He told her his feelings were hurt because "dirty old" Naboth would not do what he wanted him to do by selling him his vineyard.

Jezebel chewed him out right proper for his silly behavior. She told him that she would get the vineyard.

(Please understand, I am not calling anyone in the SBC Ahab or Jezebel. They were ungodly and terrible people of which no one in our Convention should or could be compared. Those two devils incarnate were into the sacrifice of children. The SBC has certainly cleaned up its act relating to such things. The resolution on abortion in 1971 is to our shame and disgrace but we have repented and stand strong now. Thank God for such people as Morris Chapman and Richard Land who fought the good fight in that area. Therefore let no one think or say that a comparison of Ahab or Jezebel is being made to any person or persons in the SBC. If you do --"a pox on your house.")

She sent out letters to elders and nobles to throw a party and give Naboth a seat of honor. There was one minor detail that was not to be shared with Naboth. That detail was the two "bully boys" opposite him at the table. At the right time they were to accuse Naboth of blasphemy against God and the King.

That made everyone that was at the party mad and I mean MAD. They took the old boy out of town a little ways and stoned him to death.

(Earnest T. Bass had nothing on these guys when it came to "chunking" rocks at a "feller.")

When Jezebel told Ahab that Naboth was dead, he jumped up and went to the vineyard to start his vegetable garden. (With a Troy-built tiller, no doubt.)

Well, the fun had just started when Elijah came up with a message from God. Strongly paraphrased the message went like this: "You have murdered a fine "feller" and taken his property. In the very same, exact, dead-on spot where the hounds licked up Naboth's blood, dogs will lick up your old nasty blood, too." "You caused Israel to sin and you are going to pay for it. Dogs will eat your wife Jezebel, also." Basically the dogs and birds are going to get belly aches from eating so much of Ahab's family.

The moral of this little story which is based loosely upon the perfect Word of God is: (this little paraphrase is not infallible) What goes around comes around.

My actual analogy is concerning "bully boys." As in the days of Brother Elijah so it is in the days of Brother Wade.

"Bully Boys" always sneak around, make plans behind close doors, cast doubt and slander upon one's name and character, smile in public and stab you when you are relaxed. They then make every effort to justify their actions often saying their actions are for the greater good of the masses, and they are great at covering their own tracks.

In this case it is going to be hard to do away with a Lion who is a Noble statesman. This is greatly due to a Bear who is a fearless prophet, an Owl who is a supreme analyst and a journalist who is an all seeing Eagle. Oh yeah: There is also a great big hungry pack of Bloodhounds, hot on the trail to Greensboro. The Executive Board is hard pressed to find enough kennels for all of them.

"What goes around comes around, boys."

There is a Pay Day Some Day and it just may be in Greensboro.

Villa Rica

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Loosely based on Daniel 1-6

Daniel was of royal Hebrew blood. Wade is of royal Baptist blood (if there is such a thing).

Daniel was a fine, strapping, smart, young, fellow. Wade is too.

Daniel was taken into the land of Shinar (Babyoln) to be used (Brainwashed) to keep other Hebrew captives in line. Wade was elected to the IMB trustees to help govern the administration and missionaries in their mission directives from the SBC. An effort (Brainwashing) to get him to follow a certain PARTY LINE was made.

Daniel would not be Brainwashed. Wade would not be Brainwashed.

Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself. Wade did too.

Daniel's life-style drew upon him the love and respect of others. This was caused by God's own Hand. Wade's life-style has had the same result.

Daniel was persistent in his pursuit to be holy. Wade is persistent in the same way.

Daniel's persistence to be holy got him thrown into BABYLON'S lion den. Wade's persistence to be holy got him thrown into the TRUSTEE'S executive session den.

God delivered Daniel from the lion's den. God will deliver Wade from the trustee's den (if Wade continues to follow the example of Daniel and I believe he will).

Why will Wade prevail in Shinar?

It is because God blesses those who seek to be holy and have pure hearts as a life-style. God blesses those that live by faith in Jesus.

God raised Daniel up. God will raise Wade up.

It is my prayer that Wade will always remember the Rock from which he was hewn. May he always walk by faith and seek to be holy. Many before him have failed to do so after God raised them up. May Wade take the example of Daniel and remain faithful and holy before the Lord. The SBC needs men that finish well in their latter years.

May the words of Daniel 12: 13 give Wade confidence in his well doing. May all who love him continue to pray for him and his wife and children as they go through this hard time.

Villa Rica

Thursday, March 23, 2006


In my right hand I hold the "LifeWay Newsletter" from the President of LifeWay, Thom S. Rainer entitled: The Dying American Church. In my left hand, I hold a BP article by Brent Thompson entitled: Ministers' Wives' Luncheon Slates Acclaimed Interior Designer.

Brent Thompson's article gives us some insight as to why the American church is dying. It seems that the 2006 Ministers' Wives' Conference and Luncheon President, Dorothy Patterson, has enlisted Georg Anderson, a world renowned interior designer and author to come to Greensboro and "share his principles for turning a home into a silent witness for Jesus Christ."

The article goes on to say that Mr. Anderson has designed interiors for the White House, The Governor's Mansion in Arkansas, The Carlyle Hotel and The Waldorf-Astoria in New York City and many "private residences in the United States."

Internationally, Anderson has designed interiors in London, Monte Carlo, Helsinki, Jarkarta and Indonesia. He has been on television and even appeared on the "700 Club." His latest book is entitled: Silent Witness: The Language of Your Home. "Anderson and his wife, Annabelle, use their home to demonstrate how interior design can bear “silent witness” to the multifaceted work of God in our lives."

Dorothy Patterson said Anderson will bring fun, information and inspiration to this year's luncheon. Dr. Rainer's article speaks of An American church that may be going the way of the church in Europe which is the way of death. Rainer states that "it takes 86 church members in America one year to reach one person for Christ." He goes on to present the fact that Christians are "making no effort to engage a lost or an unchurched person on any level." There is more sobering information in his article and it should be read by all Southern Baptist.

It is my opinion that such things as having an interior designer to speak at a luncheon about making your home a "silent witness" is not what we need right now, especially, when our most vocal witnesses on the foreign field are questioning recent actions of the IMB trustees. It would probably be good this year if all our luncheons were devoted to mobilization for evangelism and prayer for militant fervor in reaching our world. People are dying and going to Hell all around and we are planning a "silent witness" luncheon for ministers'wives no less. I plead the question: Is that out of touch or what?

Do not misunderstand me. I am all for having a well appointed home. I live in one. My wife has excellent taste and designed the interior of every room except my study. She had no help from Georg Anderson. Many people have come to Christ in our home. It was never due to a "silent witness." She shared the gospel with them or I did. Just recently a 76 year old gentleman gave his life to Christ in my study. (Remember, my study has never been designed by a professional or an amateur with good taste. Its just books, shelves, computers and desks but that man met Jesus there.)

Another point of interest is that my wife decorated our home using our money. Not one dime of CP money was used.

As I read the Rainer article about the Dying American Church, witness the chaos at the IMB, hear the hurt from our missionaries, and relate to the dissatisfaction in our young pastors and ministers of various other callings, I cannot help but think something is wrong in this year’s plans for the 2006 Ministers’ Wives’ Luncheon in Greensboro. It seems to me that someone is out of touch with what is going on right now in the SBC. But what do I know? I thought Georg was spelled George with an "e" at the end.

Seriously, we need to pray without ceasing and gather in Greensboro. If ever the SBC needed renewal it is now!!!!!

A sermon illustration that is often used by preachers refers to Nero playing the violin while Rome burned. With that in mind I pose the following: Will we decorate our bathrooms while our missionaries loose trust? WILL WE LEARN TO HANG DRAPES WHILE THE WORLD GOES TO HELL? It might do us all well to reflect upon the fifth chapter of the prophecy of Amos.

Villa Rica

The Trouble With Lap-Dogs

As of this moment Dr. Jerry Rankin is president of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. He is a gracious man with an objective and goal of reaching lost people all over the world with the gospel. He is not self-serving and does not seem to have a burning desire to manipulate the actions and day-to-day operations of other Boards, Agencies and Institutions of the SBC as do certain other well known individuals.
With the new guidelines in place at the IMB, trustee Ken Cademartori is quoted by ABP as having said something very interesting and revealing:
If Greg Warner quoted Mr. Cademartori correctly, the IMB is in great jeopardy.
There will come a time when Dr. Rankin is no longer President of the IMB. When he leaves, one who "knows not Joseph," but only knows self, his buddies, and his own personal desire to become a demagogue may either be put into the presidency or, who knows, may leave the presidency of another institution and go to a new throne more suitable to the ego. (It has happened in the past.)
If the above does happen, the stage is set for chaos at the IMB. The new, would be, demagogue will select trustees that have passed the "lap dog" test. He will then surround himself with little lap dogs that do tricks for doggie treats such as: large churches, teaching positions, DOM positions, or "peachy" preaching opportunities at Pastor's Conferences and Conventions.
If one of the "lap dogs" suddenly has a genetic, internal change and becomes a Burelson bred Doberman of righteousness and challenges the demagogue, he will not last long. He will first be isolated and caged, given no more "neat treats" and finally banished to the dog pound to be put to sleep (unless the Blog Doberman Rescue Unit steps in).
If this scenario plays out we should erect a sign in the "kennel yard" at the IMB in Richmond:
A better sign may simply be: ICHABOD
I realize that this little analogy is sarcastic and cynical, it is my goal for it to be so. It is my desire that all of us understand how imperative it is for us to go to GREENSBORO and stand in unity against what has happened at the IMB. When we get there sarcasm and cynicism must be laid aside because we need to do a righteous work. We need to speak the truth in love but SPEAK TRUTH WITH NO FEAR.
If you are convinced in your heart that what has happened at the IMB and in other situations within the SBC is wrong then I implore you to come to Greensboro armed with truth, love and a pure heart filled with pure motivation and help us. God will bless us and give us victory.
I know you are praying and I ask you to pray more fervently and challenge those you know to pray. As one good brother has stated on another blog silence is the weapon used by those in power now.
WE DO NOT WANT TO BE IN POWER. That is where we failed in the past. WE WANT GOD TO BE IN POWER AND TO EMPOWER. Therefore do not be silent toward God. Pray, Pray and Pray again. Do not be silent toward your brothers and sisters. Tell them the truth. Bring them to Greensboro.
Villa Rica

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Responding to the chronology on sbcoutpost:

Having read the chronology it seems that when Bubba played the fiddle for the IMB dance, Tom, Jerry and the rest of Bubba's children missed a few of the steps they had practices for so long before the shindig started.

Now it seems that they want to blame someone for greasing the floor.
Is this really IMB integrity and polity? I think not. I think that it is more proof of men being lead around with hooks in their noses masquerading as independent thinkers.

The IMB, Integrity, and Polity
The wise heart will know the proper time and proceedure.For there is a proper time and proceedure for every matter, though a man's misery weighs heavily upon him.Ecclesiastes 8:5b,6By the grace of our Sovereign Lord the Southern Baptist Convention is effective. We are the largest Biblically faithful, soul-winning, church-planting organization in the history of the world. We are organized into state and regional conventions; and once a year, a national convention. All conventions have an executive board and/or executive committee. We maintain colleges, universities and seminaries. All of these institutions have a board of trustees. We maintain two mission entities, the North American Mission Board and the International Mission Board. Both have trustees. We appoint fellow Southern Baptists to these committees and boards to faithfully weigh issues and make decisions.Every single one of these entities follow a patient, considerate and cooperative decision making process. The International Mission Board Trustees are no exception.The IMB Trustees meet six times a year. The issues they weigh and the decisions they make can affect every nation on earth. The variety and scale of the issues they face are as great as any regional or state convention. They must answer to Jesus Christ for their faithfulness and they take this responsibility seriously. Answering to the Southern Baptist Convention is also taken seriously.The Board of Trustees prayerfully and thoroughly consider opportunities and difficulties. They gather information from our missionaries in the field, stateside staff, one another, and Southern Baptists who are stateside. They consider ideas from many points of view. When a decision must be made immediately, they trust God and do the best they can. When a decision does not involve an emergency, they allow many months (and sometimes years) to pass while they continue to gather information, reason with one another, and seek consensus. This is the nature of a patient, considerate, and cooperative decision-making process.The patient, considerate, and cooperative decision-making process is proven effective regarding our mission boards, educational institutions, and various conventions. Where can a better method be found? What might it be?The IMB Trustees are fully commited to being considerate. However, the Board cannot respond to accelerating rumors between meetings because they simply are not in session. The Trustees are patient, considerate, and cooperative. This is the decision-making process for every executive board, executive committee, and board of trustees, throughout the entire Southern Baptist Convention. I believe this is wisdom and that such a process is both loving and reasonable.The IMB Trustees are continually considering the "issues of the rumors" as well as fifty times as many issues that are not, yet, public gossip. They know they are not perfect. The Trustees will make their decisions as fast as faithful Christians can work together. The Trustees will then walk right into the light and make their work known in the prescribed venue at the prescribed time. Integrity demands it.The patient, considerate, and cooperative method of decision-making is written into our responsibilities. In the week following a board meeting, anyone could demand answers that cannot be given because the issues are still under consideration. This is not evidence of a lack of integrity. Is it reasonable to pour two gallons of water into a one gallon bowl, and then accuse the bowl of not holding water?Is this beneficial? Is this constructive? Whose good is being sought with such demands (1 Corinthians 10:23-24)?As Christians, we have a Great Commandment. An intentional focus on God's greatest priority will bring His greatest blessings. Patience remains a virtue.Love is patient,1 Corinthians 13:4aA patient man calms a quarrel.Proverbs 15:18b
posted by Jerry Corbaley


As I read your first attempt at blogging it is easy to see that it is also your first attempt at being a Baptist statesman. Your understanding of the working of the SBC institutions is twenty miles wide and a quarter of an inch deep. You are lacking to say the most. Also, your "proof text" method of using Scripture betrays the fact that you lack expository capabilities. How evident it is that you and others were lead with a hook in your nose to do the bidding of SBC power brokers who really just want to be rid of Jerry Rankin. Shame on you.

Jerry's response:

Some general thoughts on a rookie's second day of blogging.It has been said that my post is 20 miles wide and a quarter of an inch deep. This is true. One has to start somewhere.This blog will post no comments until I review the comment. I conclude I am responsible for the contents of my blog as well as the comments that are posted. I want to remind everyone that my posts and comments are only one man's opinion. If you find the information helpful or thought provoking, then great.Your comments and emails cause a significant amount of personal reflection and additional thinking on my part. Ouch. Thanks.Don't expect perfection from me, you will be soon disappointed. I don't expect it from anyone else either.A missionary commented regarding my assertion that the Trustees listen to input from the field. I am listening. The issue raised is valid. I conclude that the venue in which the issue is raised is not. Please contact me personally.


Obviously you are not going to post the entire comment "twenty miles wide and a quarter inch deep" so let me see if you will post this.

I would never expect you to be perfect nor do I believe that of myself. Such statements as "don't expect me to be perfect" always smack with false humility anyway. The bottom line is you made the motion to dismiss Wade. You can say that you were not part of a caucus if you want. You can call it a meeting over coffee and donuts if you please but we both know that there were meetings prior to the plenary session and executive session of the IMB when the motion regarding Wade was made. Having been in many such meetings as a SBC trustee I know what happened. I along with many others also know who called that shot. You guys need to just confess the truth and ask the convention to forgive you and get on about the work of the IMB. We will forgive you if you just tell the truth and come clean and that my friend is the Biblical way.